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Horwitz Collection

Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis.
Indian deeds: land transactions in Plymouth Colony, 1620-1691. (2008)
HORWITZ 973.2 B36I

Brown, Steven Preston.
John McKinley and the antebellum Supreme Court: circuit riding in the old Southwest. (2012)
HORWITZ 347.73 M38B

Douglas, Lawrence.
The right wrong man: John Demjanjuk and the last great Nazi war crimes trial. (2016)
HORWITZ 341.6 D46D

Foley, Edward B.
Ballot battles: the history of disputed elections in the United States. (2016)
HORWITZ 324.973 F65B

Graber, Mark A.
A new introduction to American constitutionalism. (2013)
HORWITZ 342.73 G72N

Hale, Dennis.
The jury in America: triumph and decline. (2016)
HORWITZ 347.73 H26J

Hartman, Andrew.
A war for the soul of America: a history of the culture wars. (2015)
HORWITZ 306.0973 H37W

Katz, Sanford N.
Family law in America. (2015)
HORWITZ 346.7301 K38F

Magliocca, Gerard N.
The tragedy of William Jennings Bryan: constitutional law and the politics of backlash. ( 2011)
HORWITZ 342.7302 B93M

Powell, Jefferson.
Targeting Americans: the constitutionality of the U.S. Drone War. (2015)
HORWITZ 343.73 P69T

The Rehnquist court: a retrospective, edited by Martin H. Belsky. (2002)
HORWITZ 347.73 R44B

Savage, Charlie.
Power wars: inside Obama's post-9/11 presidency. (2015)
HORWITZ 973.93 S36P

Savage, Charlie.
Takeover: the return of the imperial presidency and the subversion of American democracy. (2007)
HORWITZ 973.93 S38T

Tonry, Michael H.
Sentencing fragments: penal reform in America, 1975-2025.

Toobin, Jeffrey.
The nine: inside the secret world of the Supreme Court. (2007)
HORWITZ 347.73 T66N

Woloch, Nancy.
A class by herself: protective laws for women workers, 1890s-1990s. ( 2015)
HORWITZ 344.7301 W65C

Yamashita, Samuel Hideo.
Daily life in wartime Japan, 1940-1945. (2015)
HORWITZ 940.53 Y36D

Joseph Collection

Arkes, Hadley.
The return of George Sutherland: restoring a jurisprudence of natural rights. (1994)
JOSEPH 347.73 S88A

Biskupic, Joan.
Breaking in: the rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the politics of justice. (2014)
JOSEPH 347.73 S67B

Goldstone, Lawrence.
The activist: John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, and the myth of judicial review. (2008)
JOSEPH 347.73 M37G

Jacobstein, J. Myron and Roy M. Mersky.
The rejected: sketches of the 26 men nominated for the Supreme Court but not confirmed by the Senate. (1993)
JOSEPH 347.73 J33R

Maney, Patrick J.
Bill Clinton: New Gilded Age president. (2016)
JOSEPH 973.92 C56M

McMahon, Kevin J.
Nixon's Court: his challenge to judicial liberalism and its political consequences. (2011)
JOSEPH 347.73 M36N

Toobin, Jeffrey.
The oath: the Obama White House and the Supreme Court. (2013)
JOSEPH 347.73 T66O

Unger, Harlow G.
John Marshall: the chief justice who saved the nation. (2014)
JOSEPH 347.73 M37U

Maryland Books

Arthur, Kevin F.
Finality of judgments and other appellate trigger issues. (Looseleaf; M.S.B.A.)
KFMD 1744 .A97 2014

Using & drafting trusts in estate planning. (Looseleaf; M.S.B.A.)
KFMD 1340 .A75 U83 2016

Mitchell Collection

Berlin, Ira.
The long emancipation: the demise of slavery in the United States. (2015)
MITCHELL 326.80973 B48L

Cohen, Adam.
Imbeciles: the Supreme Court, American eugenics, and the sterilization of Carrie Buck. (2016)
MITCHELL 344.7304 C64I

Douglass, Frederick.
The heroic slave: a cultural and critical edition; Edited by Robert S. Levine, John Stauffer, and John R. McKivigan. (2015)

Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt).
The Souls of Black Folk; with an introduction and chronology by Jonathan Scott Holloway. (2015)
MITCHELL 973.04 D83S

James, Rawn.
Root and branch: Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and the struggle to end segregation. (2010)
MITCHELL 347.73 J36R

Leonard, Thomas C.
Illiberal reformers: race, eugenics, and American economics in the Progressive era. (2016)
MITCHELL 330.973 L46I

Marshalling justice: the early civil rights letters of Thurgood Marshall, edited by Michael G. Long ; foreword by Derrick Bell. (2011)
MITCHELL 347.7326 M34L


The American Law Institute.
Principles of the law, election administration: non-precinct voting and resolution of ballot-counting disputes: tentative draft no. 1 (April 15, 2016)
OFFICE KF4886.P75 E44A

The American Law Institute.
Restatement of the law, charitable nonprofit organizations: tentative draft no. 1 (April 13, 2016)
OFFICE KF395.C37 2016

The American Law Institute.
Restatement of the law fourth, the foreign relations law of the United States, sovereign immunity: tentative draft no. 2 (Mar. 22, 2016)

The American Law Institute.
Restatement of the law fourth, the foreign relations law of the United States, treaties: tentative draft no. 1 (Mar. 22, 2016)

The American Law Institute.
Restatement of the law, liability insurance: tentative draft no. 1 (April 11, 2016)
OFFICE KF395.L53 2016


Mitchell Hamline law review: New title formed by the union of Hamline Law Review and William Mitchell law review, beginning with Vol. 42, no. 1, 2016.

The University of the Pacific law review. (2015-): New title formed by the merger of McGeorge Law Review and Pacific McGeorge global business & development law journal.
K16 .A3


American Bar Association. Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
Annotated model rules of professional conduct, 8th ed., Ellen J. Bennett, Elizabeth J. Cohen, Helen W. Gunnarsson [editors].
KF305.A2 2015

Attorney-client privilege in civil litigation: protecting and defending confidentiality, 6th ed.; editors, Vincent S. Walkowiak, Oscar Rey Rodriguez. (A.B.A.)
KF8959.A7 A93 2015

Dobbs, Dan B., Paul T. Hayden, and Ellen M. Bublick.
Hornbook on torts, 2nd ed.
KF1250.D63 2016

ERISA survey of federal circuits, edited by Brooks R. Magratten.
KF3512.E72 2016

Hopkins, Bruce R.
The law of tax-exempt organizations, 11th ed.
KF6449.H6 2016

Hovenkamp, Herbert.
Federal antitrust policy: the law of competition and its practice, 5th ed.
KF1649.H67 2016

Imwinkelried, Edward J.
Evidentiary foundations, 9th ed.
KF8935.I45 2015

Katzmann, Robert A.
Judging statutes.
KF425.K38 2014

Social media and the law, Kathryn L. Ossian, [editor]. (Looseleaf: Practising Law Institute, 2013-)
KF390.5.C6 S63
Strategies for consumer bankruptcy trustees: leading lawyers on analyzing the role of the trustee in the bankruptcy process.
KF1530.R3 S77 2012
Young, Thomas R.
Legal rights of children, 3rd ed.
KF479.L44 2015


Conforti, Joseph A.
Lizzie Borden on trial: murder, ethnicity, and gender.

Hoffer, Peter Charles.
Rutgers v. Waddington: Alexander Hamilton, the end of the War for Independence, and the origins of judicial review.