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H. L. Mencken and George S. Schulyer
Presented by Marion Elizabeth Rodgers
Transcript of Remarks
Delivered March 10, 2016

"Constitutional Structures and Civic Virtues"
Presented by Professor Robert P. George
Transcript of Remarks
Delivered March 10, 2016

"What Has Happened to Habeas Corpus?"
Presented by the Honorable Diane P. Wood
Transcript of Remarks
Delivered December 9, 2014

Remarks of George W. Liebmann, Esq.:
The Mayor and the President

United States V. Rose
Baltimore County Fingerprint Case in the United States District Court

Case of S. and Marper v. the United Kingdom
Decision of European Court of Human Rights on DNA databases

Nuffield Council on Bioethics report:
Forensic Use of Bioinformation: Ethical Issues