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Rules Governing The Borrowing of Non-Circulating Bar Library Material

1. Any and all material may be borrowed with the exception of:

2. The maximum number of books that any member may have out on loan at any one time is five (5) books.

3. The loan periods for Library material are as follows:

4. All members borrowing non-circulating material must fill out a Form For Borrowing Non-Circulating Bar Library Material each time that they borrow material.

5. Sundays, Court Holidays on which the Library is closed, and any other day that the Library might be closed shall not be counted in calculating the loan period or overdue charges.

6. Any member who has overdue material, or outstanding charges, will be prohibited from borrowing any other material.

7. These Rules do not pertain to the borrowing of material from the Library's circulating collections.

Overdue Fee Schedule

One (1) day late - $5.00

Two (2) days late - $20.00

An additional twenty dollars will be assessed for each and every day the material is late after the second day. Overdue charges will continue to accrue until such time as the replacement value of the book has been reached plus an additional $100.00.